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The Book of Hours is a calendar of poetry films to help you reflect. There is a poetry film for now and for different times of day, for every month of the year.

Medieval books of hours were a collection of exquisitely hand-illustrated religious readings and accompanying images. They were created in a handy size so they could be carried by the owner and read on a daily basis. They can also be seen as interactive texts as these books were not intended to be read chronologically.

All the films have been made in collaboration between Lucy English, a poet, and film makers from all round the world.

Watch all the films below

January Morning

High Summer by Eduardo Yagüe

February morning

Do Nothing by Helen Dewberry

March Afternoon.

Litany of the Saints by Helen Dewberry

April Afternoon.

Weird Weather by Marc Neys

May Morning

May Queen by Marc Neys

July Morning

Que Es El Amor by Eduardo Yagüe

July Night

Drive Through the Night by Helen Dewberry

July Afternoon

Sheltering from the Rain in a Country Church by James Norton

August Morning

Aubade by Matt Mullins

August Afternoon

High Summer by Carolyn Richardson

August Night

The Persieds by Marc Neys

September Morning

My Mother's Garden by Marc Neys

September Afternoon

Shop by Cheryl Gross

October Afternoon

Remember by Marc Neys

October Night

Can't Sleep by James Norton

November Morning

Hipster Central by Claire Ewbank

November Evening

Postcard From My Future Self by Marc Neys

November Afternoon

Time and the River by Maciej Piatek

November Night

The Last Flowers by Janet Lees

December Morning

Numbers by Maciej Piatek

Lucy English is a spoken word poet and novelist.

Lucy has toured widely in the UK and the US. With the South West Collective she co-wrote Flash, a multi media spoken word show, which toured the UK in 2010-11 and also Count Me In, which toured from 2014-5. Both tours were sponsored by the Arts Council.

In 2005-7 she ran a series of performances and workshops for the British Council in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Taiwan for their animating Literature Programme.

She is the co-organiser of the Mix Digital conferences at Bath Spa University and the co-organiser of Liberated Words, which curates, screens and creates poetry films.

Lucy English is a Reader in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. She is currently studying for a PhD in Digital Writing. If you are interested in collaborating with Lucy to make a poetry film for this project please contact her on